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“Taiwan Information Security Center” (TWISC) is a NCTU research center dedicated to software, system and network security. TWISC@NCTU is funded by the National Science Council, Taiwan (now called Ministry of Science and Technology). According to the guideline “Fundamental Platform and Framework Program for Cultivation in Knowledge Economy Age” by NSC and the policies on national information and communication security, this program promotes whole life learning system including knowledge supply chain, multi-industry integration and trans-field training to integrate the manpower resources distributed among academia and the research community and establish national TaiWan Information Security Center (TWISC) that was officially founded on April 1st, 2005. These TWISCs will achieve the following core objectives: a) Boost the academic research power in the domestic information and communication security; b) Enhance the industrial application and management of the domestic information and communication security; c) Enhance the international cooperation and exchange in information and communication security; d) Foster the Seeded manpower for information and communication security and promote the up-to- date knowledge and awareness of information and communication security. In the past, about thirty faculty members across eight universities participated in the TWISC@NCTU projects. Our team has high reputation in world hacking contests.


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An interactive analyzer serving in the cloud Software-as-a-Service model
Each user will be allocated with a VM supporting:


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D-mail flow


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We have experience on the following topics:

The research group currently focuses on runtime monitoring. It provides more system semantics for analysis.

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